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    Kissable Lips! - Lip enhancements & augmentation that look Super-Natural!

    Lip augmentation is a touchy subject for women.

    Lots of women dislike their small, thin, or wrinkled lips, but are scared to try anything that may make their lips look unnatural.

    Just like any plastic surgery procedure if not performed properly,
    by a Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic
    Surgery (ABPS), one can end up with not so favorable results.

    However if you are considering lip augmentation/ enhancements it
    can be done so conservatively that your lips can look lovely and
    super - natural. During your consultation Dr. Thomas will explain
    how he can sculpt your lips with natural fillers.

    Options for Lip Fillers:


    In one office visit Juvederm will instantly smooth and
    plump your lips. Also known as a "liquid face lift", Juvederm is
    used for many areas of the face to create a smoother more youthful
    appearance. Patients love Juvederm because it is minimally
    invasive, looks natural and requires no cutting to create a lifted
    more attractive appearance. This injectable gel is a Hyoluronic
    Acid (HA) filler that is FDA approved and replaces the HA your skin
    has lost, bringing back its volume while it smoothes away facial
    wrinkles and folds. What's more it lasts up to 1 year. All Juvederm
    injections are administered by Doctor Ivan Thomas and are priced by
    the syringe. To book your filler appointment please call us today.

    After Bottom Lip Injection (Juvederm)

    Restylane is another safe and natural cosmetic derma filler that
    restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct wrinkles and
    folds, such as nasal labial folds, which are the lines from the
    nose to the corners of the mouth. Restylane is also used to enhance

    Restylane is injected directly into the skin in tiny amounts by an
    ultra fine needle, resulting in minimal discomfort. The procedure
    is simple and convenient and results are practically instantaneous.
    To optimize your comfort during the short procedure, your physician
    may decide to numb the treatment area.

    Restylane is proven to deliver long-lasting results. Follow-up
    treatments are typically scheduled at six-month intervals.

    What not to put in your lips:

    Collagen - Collagen is too thick and does not move with the mouth.
    It will not break down over time and change with the needs of an
    ever changing, moving and aging mouth.

    Implants - Longs strips of implants are threaded through the lips.
    The issue with this is that lips are not long without shape. There
    are many curves to the lips that need to be addressed with careful
    precision. Also, the implant will not move and bend with the
    natural expressions of your lips.

    Radiesse - Considered as an implant rather than a filler. It is
    used for soft tissue augmentation in the correction of DEEP facial
    folds and creases and restoration of volume loss in hollow facial

    What if I have lots of wrinkles around the mouth?

    Wrinkles around the mouth can show your age. Women who smoke or are
    genetically inclined to have fine lines around the mouth may have
    too many wrinkles that cannot be corrected by the use of fillers.
    For such patients Dr. Thomas can treat the mouth area with Exoderm.

    Exoderm is a chemical peel that goes deep below the dermis layer
    and creates new collagen while removing the top layer of the skin.
    Removing the top layer of the skin will eliminate the wrinkles that
    are on the surface of the skin and creation of collagen plums up
    the lips from with in.

    Before & After Exoderm (Lip Area)



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    NIA is great for maintaining and healing skin after Exoderm Lift & Peel.

    Female Patient, 61 Years old. Patienta had wrinkles, age
    spots, sun damage and loss of collagen. Patient
    had Exoderm Lift procedure and used NIA 24 Skin
    care products after. She looks at least 15
    years younger.


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