Beverly Hills Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetrical Breasts & Breast Augmentation

Asymmetrical Breasts are such a common occurrence in women that seeing someone with perfectly symmetrical breasts is almost a rare finding. 

Asymmetry can be in the form of a difference in cup size, shape, degree of sagging, as well as the level of the breasts on the chest wall.  If asymmetry is mild, however, it is considered a normal variation.  Almost always one side is larger, this does not necessarily mean the right side, and is certainly unrelated to being right or left handed, or whether the baby favored one particular breast over the other during feeding.  Minimal asymmetry is almost never a problem during augmentation, but when asymmetry becomes significant then we need to determine the size difference and choose different sized implants to correct the asymmetry.  Generally, all we need is a size larger implant on the small side however occasionally I have used implants that are two sizes larger in order to correct the difference in size.  In instances where the asymmetry is severe one can not rely on correction with the use of different sized implants.  In these cases the large size has to be reduced to match the small side prior to augmentation.

Occasionally an overly developed pectoral muscle may give the impression that one side is slightly larger; this is not a true asymmetry.  An asymmetrical chest bone and rib cage can also be a reason for asymmetrical breasts.  In some cases the breast folds are asymmetrical; one breast will be higher than the other side.  In these instances, I do not attempt to correct the level of the lower fold of the breast because, if one corrects the bottom folds then the exposed top section of the breasts will be uneven and will show through clothing.  In other words I'd rather have the tops of the breasts even than the bottoms.   

Although surgical correction of breast asymmetry can be challenging, by accurate pre operative examination one can determine the cause and choose the most appropriate method for treatment achieving the best possible result.

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