Beverly Hills Face lift

Tired of wrinkle creams and preventative facial products? Then a face lift in Beverly Hills maybe what you’re looking for. Experience the amazing effects of feeling and looking years younger with trusted and experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ivan Thomas.

For over 25 years, Dr. Thomas has been helping the people of Beverly Hills refresh their self-images and personal glow with facelift surgery.

Plastic surgery has been changing lives and improving self-esteems for years and both the men and women of Beverly Hills have found facelift surgery as a positive solution to turning back the clock on their looks.

About the Face lift Procedure

Long-term exposure to the sun and effects of age usually result in the appearance of wrinkles and excessively loose skin around the face and neck area. During your face lift surgery, two small incisions are made and the underlying muscle and facial tissue are tightened by pulling the skin back.

This type of surgery is an individualized process, and candidates with a strong, well-defined bone structure are usually the most desired type of patient for a facelift. Scars are hidden in the temple, behind the ears and within the hairline.

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Beverly Hills face lift specialist, Dr. Thomas is highly regarded for his outstanding work with minimal scarring. For great results and a younger looking appearance, contact Dr. Thomas today for your consultation appointment. Here Dr. Thomas can answer all your questions and advise you on additional procedures such as rhinoplasty or liposuction that can help complement your facelift.

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