Beverly Hills - How Much Cleavage to Expect After a Breast Augmentation

What Determines The Cleavage After Breast Augmentation Wide VS. Narrow Cleavage

Cleavage is defined as the distance or gap between the breasts.  Although narrow cleavage is very attractive and desired by all women, unfortunately it can not be produced artificially if the breasts are naturally too far apart.

The distance between the inner edges of the breasts and the inter nipple distance is what determines your cleavage during Breast Augmentation.  Implants must be centered directly under the nipples.  In other words if you have a narrow cleavage before augmentation you will have a narrow cleavage after augmentation and vice versa.

Some patients ask me why the implants can't be placed closer to each other to create a tighter cleavage.  The answer to this question is very simple.  If the nipples are naturally far apart and the implants are placed to close to the vertical midline of the chest the nipples will now be on the outer side of the breasts and will be pointing outward.  This is a very unnatural and undesirable appearance.  Furthermore if implants are placed to close to the midline of the chest rippling and visibility of the implants through the skin may result which again is a highly undesirable condition.  This is especially true in thin patients and it is because the skin over the chest bone in the midline is very thin and lacks adequate fatty tissue padding to cover and hide the implant.

One might think why not use large implants to close the gap in women with wide cleavages. There are two problems with this idea.  If one uses an implant that is an inappropriately large size, the inner edge of the implant will pass the inner edge of the breast and will be located under the thin skin over the chest bone increasing the likelihood of rippling and visibility.  Furthermore the outer edge of the implant will locate itself outside the outer edge of the breast bulging into the under arm area.  This is especially true in narrow chested individuals.

Over the years I have had extensive experience with both types of cleavages.  I take accurate measurements of the chest and breast to place the implants as close to the midline as possible to get the most natural and pleasing cleavage.  Having said all this it has been my observation that small breasted women look so much more feminine after Breast Augmentation that the width of the cleavage is hardly an issue.  Gaining self esteem overpowers everything else.

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