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Final Outcome of Breast Augmentation as Related to Breast Implant Size

Breast implants are the number one Plastic Surgery procedure in America. It's important to know your body's personal fit when it comes to breast implants. Many patients assume when it comes to breast implants "the bigger the better". However there are more medical complications that may occur when choosing larger breast implants. The following article explains why the larger the breast implants the more problems are to be expected in the future.

Large breast implants are heavier. The human skin is capable of supporting only so much weight. If the breast implants are too large, the skin will stretch and the breast will become saggy. When the breast implants are too heavy and the skin stretches out treatment consists of removal of the breast implants, closure of the stretched pockets and exchange to smaller size breast implants. This treatment operation does not guarantee success, because stretched thin skin may stretch again even with smaller breast implants.

Anther side effect of large breast implants may be loss of nipple sensation. It is a relatively rare occurrence. The larger the breast implants the more chance of loosing nipple sensation.

Large breast implants add additional weight to the front of the chest which can cause neck, back and shoulder pain due to muscle fatigue. In addition, the weight is transferred to the shoulders via the bra straps resulting in shoulder grooves and irritation. Slouching of the shoulder can be seen due to the additional weight in front of the chest.

Women who have thin skin with minimal fat and breast tissue are more likely to encounter "Rippling" with large implants. Rippling is the visibility and palpability (can feel it) of breast implant folds through the skin. Rippling is more severe with stretched, thinned out skin. Once the skin is overstretched due to heavy breast implants it can not be reversed.

Other medical conditions may occur due to large breast implants. Skin irritation under the breasts and the cleavage area due to excessive moisture can become an issue. Lastly, Capsular contractures or hardening of the breasts can occur. Capsular contractures are when scar tissue forms around the breast implants as the body tries to reject the large object.

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