Beverly Hills Labiaplasty

(Labia Reduction)

The external female genitalia consists of two lips. The labia majora which are the thicker outer lips and the labia minora which are the thinner lips located at the entrance to the vagina. The labia minora are generally slightly more protruding than the labia majora. However, their size, shape, symmetry and degree of protrusion are so variable that it is difficult to determine exactly what is normal.

The reasons for labia minora enlargement in younger women are not known but in older individuals it may due to stretching while in labor. Excessively enlarged labia minora may show through tight clothing and be a source of embarrassment or self consciousness. Furthermore, problems with friction against clothing and during intimacy may be other reasons to seek correction.

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgical procedure designed to reduce the size and correct any asymmetry in the shape of the labia minora. There are two basic techniques for the reduction of enlarged labia minora, both achieve similar results in terms of reducing the size and excessive protrusion of the labia. One trims the excess rim while the other reduces the size by a wedge excision and repair.

I prefer the trimming technique because I believe the amount and symmetry of the protrusion can be corrected more accurately without excessive tightening of the labial rim.

The surgical procedure is performed in our certified surgery center under general anesthesia. Some surgeons use local anesthesia, I believe the area is too sensitive to inject local anesthesia alone. When a patient does not wish to have general anesthesia I recommend I.V. sedation administered by an anesthesia specialist followed by a local anesthetic injection to eliminate any sensation of pain.

The recovery period is one week during which time patients have to keep the area clean with frequent showers. Some swelling and occasional bruising is to be expected for a few days. Post operative pain is minimal and is easily controlled with prescription pain medication. I use absorbable sutures so that patients do not have to worry about the discomfort of suture removal. Sexual activity should be avoided for six weeks.

You will be able to review before and after photos at our before & after photo gallary.

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