Lancaster Tummy Tuck

Every year, hundreds of people come to Lancaster for tummy tuck surgery, also known as a abdominoplasty. Southern California plastic surgeon, Dr. Ivan Thomas, provides his patients with fantastic care and artistic surgical skill.

As a dedicated physician, Dr. Thomas understands the natural desire to have a flatter and firmer abdomen and a Lancaster tummy tuck procedure can help you achieve this dream. For over 25 years, Dr. Thomas has been helping the men and women of Lancaster sculpt their bodies and transform their lives with plastic surgery. A tummy tuck allows individuals to get the body shape they desire and deserve.

How a Lancaster Tummy Tuck Procedure Works

A Lancaster tummy tuck procedure is performed by making a small incision very low in the abdomen, reducing the visibility of scarring.

At his Lancaster office, Dr. Thomas prefers to use the successful technique known as the high lateral tension abdominoplasty, which in addition to vertical-line tightening, muscles are also tightened horizontally. With this particular tummy tuck procedure, patients achieve a dramatically flat abdomen with a significantly improved waistline.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and Dr. Thomas is highly respected for his excellent results with minimal scarring.

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Lancaster tummy tuck patients, as a result tend to not only look better but also feel better about their appearance. Isn't it time you allowed yourself to feel better about yours? Contact Dr. Thomas today for your consultation appointment and make Lancaster the place for your tummy tuck procedure.

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