Los Angeles Body Lift

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and look great in clothes - good for you! Now you may want to take the next step with a Los Angeles body lift and loose the excess skin so your new, slimmer figure can be revealed.

What is a Los Angeles Body Lift?

A Los Angeles body lift removes excess tissue from the hips and inner thighs and upper arms, addressing sagging skin resulting from aging or extreme weight loss. Los Angeles plastic surgeon and body lift specialist, Dr. Ivan Thomas has great expertise and experience in this procedure and is dedicated to helping his patients achieve a slim, healthy looking figure.

People who are in relatively good shape but have loose body skin may be ideal candidates for a Los Angeles body lift. A body lift procedure could be the final step in your weight loss journey and give you the confidence to wear clothes that were previously unsuitable.

Contact a Los Angeles Body Lift Specialist

Consulting with Los Angeles body lift specialist Dr. Thomas can help you understand the procedure, how it can help, and answer any questions you may have. Additionally we offer liposuction, tummy tuck and other body sculpting procedures to help you achieve the body you would like. Please feel free to contact our office anytime to set up your appointment.

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