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Beverly Hills rhinoplasty patient before and after photosAre you self-conscious about your nose? If so, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), a very popular plastic surgery procedure can help change your appearance and self image. It's amazing how much a little thinning or up turning of the nose can soften or balance a face. Nose surgery may be performed for cosmetic reasons but also can be done to correct some kind of deformity due to injury or birth defect, or to help relieve some breathing problems. Dr. Ivan Thomas, a highly rated Los Angeles rhinoplasty expert, can help restore your facial balance with natural looking results that also preserves patient's ethnicity. The procedure is performed in one of our Los Angeles locations - Beverly Hills or Lancaster.

Contact us today to schedule a free Rhinoplasty consultation in our Los Angeles offices. Or call is at (310)203-8297 or (661)949-0404.

Closed Rhinoplasty - No Scarring Nasal Surgery

Closed Rhinoplasty, which is Dr. Thomas' preferred method, offers all of the benefits of the traditional Rhinoplasty but without the scarring. Nose surgery is performed through the nostrils thus leaving no external scars.

Open Rhinoplasty - Nasal Surgery

Occasionally Open Rhinoplasty, which may result in small scarring, is necessary to correct complicated or previously operated noses. Open Rhinoplasty is required when it is necessary to have more space to perform the nose procedure.

Septal and Turbinate Corrective Surgery

Septal and Turbinate corrective surgery are for patients who have breathing difficulty due to previous nasal surgery, nasal deformity or nasal conditions. Nasal corrective operation removes airway obstructions by correcting septal deviations and decreasing the size of the turbinates. During the procedure cosmetic rhinoplasty is also performed. Insurance may cover nasal corrective surgery.

Rhinoplasty Results

Round shapeless nose - Before & After

Rhinoplasty was performed on patient to achieve a more feminine shape with trimmed and refined cartilage tips.

Long Noses / Plunging Tips - Before & After

Rhinoplasty was performed on patient to provide a nose lift to shortened long and downward facing nose.

Tip that plunged down with laughter can be corrected by weakening of responsible muscles.

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In addition to rhinoplasty, Dr. Thomas is also well known for his skills in performing breast augmentations, liposuction and even face lifts to help complement your new nose.

Contact us today at (310) 203-8297 or (661) 949-0404 for a free consultation in one of our Los Angeles offices, Beverly Hills or Lancaster.

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