Will I Lose Nipple Sensation & Function After Nipple Size Reduction

What is a Normal Nipple Size?

Nipple size varies form person to person. Some are flat and barely visible, while others are very large and protruding. Occasionally a normal sized nipple becomes large after pregnancy and breast feeding. The truly large nipples can measure as much as 1 ¼” x ¾” almost as thick and as long as the end segment of a thumb.

Large Nipples can show through clothing
Enlarged nipples can become a source of concern and anxiety. Large nipples can be an undesirable physical feature for some women; not only because of their appearance but also due to their visibility through clothing.

Drooping Nipples
Large nipples can droop down due to the excessive weight. To hide this problem some women tape the nipples down flat to prevent visibility through clothing and or wear excessively padded bras. In extreme cases some women go as far as avoiding exposing their breasts during intimacy.

Taping Large Nipples down
Long term taping of large nipples can cause chronic irritation and excoriation (rawness/peeling) of the skin and is not advisable.

Methods of reducing nipple size and protrusion

Several nipple size reduction methods have been performed to reduce the size of large nipples in the past. Most of these methods are very unnatural in design and disregard the two most important function of a female nipple. 1. The ability for the nipple to get firm and protrude for breast feeding an infant. 2. Providing sensual sensations when stimulated.

One method amputates a portion of the nipple by horizontally slicing which will lower the height but has no effect on the width. The amputated tip is then skin grafted on the of the excised area. Problems with this method, is incomplete size reduction, loss of sensation and possibility of a painful tip with no chance of breast feeding.

Another method removes a wedge and then stitch closes the wound resulting in a one dimensional reduction and elimination of the ability to breast feed.

Dr. Thomas’ Nipple Reduction Technique

Over the past 20 years I have used a technique which not only reduces the length of height of the nipple, also the width, with no visible scarring. This method achieves a very normal looking nipple without violating the erectile, sensory or lactating ability. This is because the incisions are no where close to the ducts or the erectile muscle. Sensation is kept intact through three skin sensory pathways. The nipple looks, feels and reacts natural to stimulation.

Healing & Pain of Nipple Reduction

Dr. Thomas’ method is an out patient procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. You can return back to work the next day. Sutures are removed one week later and post operative discomfort is easily managed with prescribed pain medication. The nipple should be completely healed in two weeks.

Nipple Protrusion Reduction
Nipple Protrusion Reduction

Also see inverted nipple photos


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