Liposculpture (Body Sculpting)

Click here to view Before & AfterLiposulpting means performing liposuction on several parts (i.e. abs) and "paired areas" (i.e. outer thighs) of the body creating an overall balanced, sculpted shape and appearance. When a patient is a candidate for Liposculpture of several parts and areas: abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, but only requests liposuction of the abdomen, the abdomen will look flatter but the excess fat in other areas will still make the body look shapeless. In other words Patients cannot gain an ideal sculptured shape by having a surgeon perform liposuction in one area. Therefore Liposculpture is the only way to create a visually balanced body.

Sculpting and blending of the areas should be done conservatively and skillfully. Dr. Thomas tends to air on the side of conservative; this way if fat is not removed adequately it can be removed later as a touch up procedure. Correcting the deformities of bad Liposuction can prove to be very difficult or impossible if too much fat is removed.

The technique of Liposuction Dr. Thomas uses to blend and sculpt the various parts and areas of the body is done with caliber cannulas (smaller cannulas), which suction out less amounts of fat with each pass. This allows Dr. Thomas to take his time in the operating room, and have better control over more predictable, beautiful and lasting results.

Liposcultpure is not a form of weight loss. Liposculpture is for someone who has relatively tight skin but has access fat deposits. It is for addressing localized fat deposits that one cannot loose after dieting and exercising efforts.

Anesthesia is either general of IV sedation. Typical recovery time for Patients is about one week. After Liposculture, Patients will need to wear a compression garment. This aids in the healing and recovery of this procedure, reducing fluid build up and internal scaring. Patients cannot do any strenuous or physical activities for about six weeks.

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