Breast Reduction
(Reduction Mammaplasty)

Beverly Hills breast reduction patient before and after photosExcessively large breasts pose both physical and psychological health problems for women. Some of the most common medical problems associated with very large and pendulous breasts include neck, back and shoulder pain, and breast pain during physical activities. Additionally, skin irritation, either in the cleavage or on the underside of the breast, is a common condition. In some extreme cases, pressure exerted by heavy breasts on the neck and shoulder nerves can cause numbness and tingling of the hands. Red or darkly pigmented bra marks and shoulder grooves are also very common findings in large breasted women. When the breasts are large and asymmetrical in size, muscles on the heavy side over compensate to correct the posture which in turn causes more strain on the neck and back. Weight of the breasts against the chest wall can make breathing somewhat of an effort. Psychologically, patients often feel self-conscious about the size of their breasts and face problems in finding appropriate clothing. It is not uncommon for women to wear large and baggy clothing just to conceal their appearance.

Reduction Mammaplasty is a procedure designed to remove glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter and firmer. The procedure includes elevation of the nipples and reduction of the overly stretched areola, thus making the overall breast appearance more youthful and attractive. The size, shape and the position of the breasts and the nipples are based upon each patient's desires and aesthetic goals, within the technical feasibility of the procedure. The operation is designed such that all incisions are well hidden even when low-cut dresses are worn.

It takes considerable amount of effort, precision and experience to achieve the best possible shape and symmetry. Prior to surgery accurate measurements are made in various positions and angels, then marks are drawn on the skin to create a pattern. The patient's body size, height and overall appearance are very important factors, which I consider in sculpting the breasts. I have also performed numerous breast reduction procedures on patients with severe asymmetry of size and shape. The asymmetry makes the operation even more challenging.

Of the several available breast reduction methods, I perform the inferior pedicle technique, which has the highest chance to preserve the ability to lactate. This may be important for younger patients. In addition, the breast tissues immediately under and below the nipples are not removed therefore increasing the chances of nipple sensory preservation. In some cases, when excessive breast tissue and fat extends to the side of chest and under the arm, it may be necessary to perform liposuction of these areas to achieve optimal results.

Breast Reduction is performed under general anesthesia. Stitching is performed with absorbable sutures, which are placed entirely under the skin surface, eliminating the need for suture removal. The recovery time is 10 to 14 days. Upper body exercises, jogging and aerobics should be avoided for 6 weeks. Patients are advised to stay away from ant-inflammatory medication such as aspirin, Ibuprophen and Motrin, starting 2 weeks prior to surgery and continue avoiding such medications 10 days post operatively. Smokers who are planning to have breast reduction surgery should seriously consider abandoning the habit, since smoking could cause poor healing and wider scars. Post operative discomfort lasts no more than a few days and can be controlled by prescribed pain medication.

Reduction Mammaplasty is a procedure with a very high rate of patient satisfaction, providing almost immediate relief of neck, back and shoulder pain. Depending on the patient's policy guidelines, breast reduction procedure may be covered by insurance.

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