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Mommy Makeovers Reverse Unwanted Body Changes

Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover before and after photosThe term Mommy Makeover applies to a series of Plastic Surgery operations designed to return and reverse the physical changes in a woman's body which occur following pregnancy and breast feeding.

When patients consult with our Mommy Makeover surgeon, Dr. Ivan Thomas, he explains the two factors primarily responsible for the unwanted body changes stemming from pregnancy. The hormonal factor which begins its effect on the body soon after the pregnancy is consummated and is responsible for the development and growth of the baby in the uterus and the generalized weight gain which all women experience. Next is the expansion factor which included stretching of the abdomen as a result of the baby's growth and engorgement of the breasts for the purpose of lactation.

Several Approaches to Making over Mommy

A mommy makeover can be comprised of several procedures, all intended to address and reverse these unwanted body changes. Generalized weight gain is due to both water retention which subsides after pregnancy and true weight gain which is due to storage of fat. Plastic surgery does not have an answer for the water weight or the fat that is accumulated inside the abdominal cavity. Only the external or under the skin fat can be removed by Liposuction. One should also remember that Liposuction is not an operation for weight reduction, rather used only to remove fat from localized areas such as the chin, arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, knees, hip rolls and bra rolls. For more details regarding Liposuction please refer to our website.

Sometimes as a result of weight gain the arms become unusually large. This fat storage can be treated with Liposuction provided the arm skin is not too stretched, in which case an Arm Lift or Arm Tuck, known as Brachioplasty, may be indicated. For more details regarding Brachioplasty please refer to our website.

Bulging abdomen with overstretched, hanging abdominal skin are the damaging effects one notices as a result of the expansion effect of pregnancy on the abdominal skin and muscles. The weakness of the abdominal muscles and the sagging belly skin is best treated by Abdominoplasty, also known as a Tummy Tuck. To learn more regarding the details of Tummy Tuck surgery in our Beverly Hills or Lancaster offices please refer to our website and related articles.

Enlargement of the breasts and expansion of the breast skin followed by subsequent shrinkage of breast tissue is what causes deflated and sagging breasts. In most women, breasts can be lifted and enlarged by methods of Breast Augmentation and possibly an Internal Breast Lift. Breasts that stay large and store fat can be reduced in size which yields perkier breasts and decreases back pain. For details of Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Nipple Size Reduction and Inverted Nipple Correction, please refer to our website and individual articles.

In conclusion a mommy may need one or a combination of Mommy Makeover procedures. Which mommy can benefit from what procedure can only be determined after a plastic surgery consultation and examination.

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